Desirée Cáceres

creator, web developer, and professional problem-solver working on apps with html 5, css 3, and javascript. currently focusing on back-end development with node, express, and mongodb. 🌺

Play Battleship!
Created in Aug 2019
First project written in javascript. This Battleship game was one of the projects completed by following the Head First Javascript book.
RGB Game
Created in Aug 2019
Color guessing game created for more practice with javascript and css, this project was part of the course The Web Developer Bootcamp.
Created in Oct 2019
YelpCamp is the first full-stack project created by completing The Web Developer Bootcamp. I learned to use node.js, express, mongoDB, passport.js, Google Maps API and other technologies to develop the website.
Patatap Clone
Created in Aug 2019
Another project created by completing The Web Developer Bootcamp. This project was created to practice working with libraries and different visual and audio tools. Created using paper.js and howler.j.

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